Saguna baug, The Farm That’s where you need to go to understand how a few people in the world are trying to save the environment and also finding ways to promote agricultural tourism! Mr Bhadsawle is a man on a mission. If you go to his farm which is located near karjat you may be awestruck at the way he has cultivated and nurtured nature. From fish ponds to onions to bananas to fresh vegetables there is acres and acres of land that is being used for the right cause! In the summers this place could get really hot and dry but during the winters and the monsoons this place is a real treat.


The food here is like home made food, some great non vegetarian and the vegetarian food is nice and fresh, there are very nice looking cottages that one could stay at. There is a beautiful pond house too, very romantic but you would have to book it much in advance. And then there are horses and a river you can take a dip in. Overall it’s a great weekend destination if you are in and around Mumbai. I would highly recommend it to people who love nature and are content with indulging themselves in it!


Here is how you can get there


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