Chitty Chitty Bong Bong!

Dinner with friends/friend šŸ™‚
I am a foodie and i know it, and when i look around in mumbai for good food,sometimes i could be thoroughly impressed or mightily dissappointed. But this night where i landed up at this quaint little joint Bong Bong sandwiched between to other eateries I thought to myself “another one of those pseudo bong places” but wait a sec, if I have come from there to writing a review something must be right, hai na?

The interiors are nothing to boast about but the food completed sucked me in like a black hole. we ordered for a prawns in mustard sauce and steam rice. And my god! The flavors were so subtle and hit all the right notes. The prawns were soft and succulent the gravy was groovy and the steam rice was steamed ;)and it felt like a great fulfilling meal. Dessert was baked Rassogulla and that too was just perfect.

An average meal for 2 at Bong Bong will cost about 1500 bucks but it’s totally worth it. And for all you know someone else might pay for your meal. I would say take a chance, hit this spot and watch your taste buds dance!


Their menu is simple and varied!


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