Jagjit Singh Bids Adieu!

Hey Ram! the last words uttered by  Mahatma Gandhi when he was shot in public view on  30 January. These words summarized the  life of a Mahatma that lead a life as a pioneer of satyagraha and taught the entire world the meaning of Ahimsa (non violence).

Hey Ram I have put here are the words sung by one of India’s  ghazal Maestro Jagjit Singh who passed away this morning due to a brain hemorrhage at the age of 70. I  had forgotten that this man was a mortal, due to his spirit, his energy and his talent. His voice could break a heart in a second and then mend it in the next,  He dedicated an entire lifetime to it.

The passing away of Jagjit Singh will only deepen the void in the Ghazal domain.I am not a huge fan of this genre of music but, when I ‘ve had the opportunity to down few pegs singing his songs I have made the most out of it .

We will miss you Jagjit Singh R.I.P!


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