“Fat cat cafe” EAT HERE

A great joint to hit the suburbs recently is a fine-dine restaurant called the Fat cat cafe, the name suggests it to be a more teenybopper kind of joint, let me stop your mind from wandering into such misleading adventures right away.

Most humans love food I guess that’s why we invented it and sometimes most us want to dig into something juicy, tasty & fulfilling and on one of my such food cravings my friends suggested we visit the Fat Cat Cafe.Entrance to the cafe

I was in for a surprise , this place looked so uncluttered, warm & classy. All of us friends being vegetarian we were quite pleased to see a good variety of options on a menu that predominantly served Italian and north American cuisine. We tried the saffron paella , Pasta Nicoise and Saffron risotto all this tasted really good! tiramisu was our dessert for the night and we found it to be really yummy!

Now you are obviously wondering how much we paid at the end of it all, we were three people and the bill came to around Rs 1500 so rs 500 per person which was really good for the food we ate.

How to get there? click this link and find out !



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