The Fighter

I write this in the hurry of dropping off my parents at the railway station, but I must do this now or this will  never be! because nobody knows me better than me and I will not come back to writing this, so here it goes.

This is not a review of the film so if your looking for one I’m sorry this is not it , but hold on a minute! I can definitely try and put how I felt while watching this movie.In one simple word the film was Brilliant! I know you would think how different could this be from all the rocky movies after all its a movie about boxing and Mr.Rocky aka Rambo has done it all ! that’s where the surprise kicks in with  a guy called Dicky( Christian Bale) this film is not about  the fighter, that is merely a metaphor for the attitude the subject exudes in the film.

Christian Bale is  superb in portraying the real life character of

the trainer. The ring action in The Fighter is bruising enough, but it’s the drama outside the ropes that will leave you reeling. Both Wahlberg and Bale are excellent in their different registers, as are Melissa Leo and Amy Adams as the differently calibrated women.This is an incredible story of triumph against adversity in and out of the boxing ring.

This is a story of a family , people & the various problems we all could be facing sometimes in our life but the right thing is to keep it all together & standing up for what we believe is right for us , our families or the ones we truly love. This is a feelgood film so  go watch it feel happy and keep it real in these unreal times!


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