The king of limbs


Just can’t get it off my head, I couldn’t get over OK Computer & Kid A and slam-bang comes King of Limbs a brand new offering from Radiohead. This one is an aural blur, ok! why I’m saying that is cuz u never really get a grasp of what is happening through the album it slithers, shifts, rises, falls and all of it happening at the same time. Its like when you’re in a roller coaster or in a high-speed vehicle u know things look familiar but you can never really make a picture out of them . Don’t be surprised to feel like, ok I have heard that before it’s hard to shake the feeling that Thom Yorke is perhaps now incapable of conveying any mood or emotion other than his submissively apathetic croon nevertheless the album is a must hear only for the reason that it’s a brand new radiohead & it is KICK ASS! The vibe of the entire album is fantastic, you might feel that there is nothing new in the music but really out of all the trash that has come out in the name of music TKOL is fresh and gets your attention right from the beginning with Bloom and then the trip just gets better and better. Pick the album up and don’t get to writing anything about it till you have heard it a few times,it’s definitely going to grow on you and stay there for a while, so hear it and you will find this could be one of the best things to happen in 2011!


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