wait a second! this is not a fancy review of a new watering hole in Mumbai city nor is it an explanation for the abbreviation of the title,this is about my personal regret of living in a country that believes it is shining.The only thing i recall when I hear this “Shining” word is the horror film that featured Jack Nicholson and the aftereffects of the film , u might have noticed while watching the film you are always expecting to get thrown off your seat with a shocker which affects you on a very deep level its not like a horror with cheap masks and prosthetic make up, its much more emotional than visual.

Right here right now I feel this sort of horror churn in my tummy when I read about how the CWG is turning out to be a complete horror story for brand India, everything from the theme tune composed by Mozart of India Mr.Rehman to the way the CWG is handled by our government is like the bridge that came down upon 22 unfortunate mortals.The future of CWG is definitely maybe and it is only getting more and more absurd.I wonder what the prime minister of the country is doing at this moment and time -1. sitting in Sonia Gandhi’s lap sucking his thumb 2. kicking kalmadi’s ass and the whole Cwg teams ass 3. Talking to the American president about how to sort this issue of the CWG.

I really don’t think that anything is going to change in the coming days, as long as these politicos remain corrupt the fate of our country looms in uncertainty, we might have our sex orientation and sensex in the right direction but there are many things wrong with our beautiful country and everyday I wake up, read about the CWG scam it only makes me hate my politicians from the bottom of my heart.

As a citizen of this country I feel completely responsible for what has happened even though I don’t have a clue why i feel this way? probably its because I love my country too much and do not know how to save it from these rascals who would sell their soul for a one night stand.Does anybody have an answer for this ? because I really want to do something about it and just need a good leader to tell me how? .So till the next time there is a scam and another bell rings on the doorstep of your intellectual brain asking you WTF! this is Kirthi Shetty signing off.


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