Return of the Jingle

Woke up this morning to a tune. It’s not a song by Michael Jackson or by Metallica. It’s a Jingle….

well I find that strange cuz its been a long time some jingle has had such an impact that it  lingers on .It was at a very young age that I was exposed to  few memorable jingles on tv and on radio. To name a few the famous Nirma washing powder Nirma  ,Hamara Bajaj,Jab main chota ladka tha. These for kids born in the 80’s is like a super hit song from some film that will be remembered for as long as we live , in fact some of my friends also use it as ringtones on their phone.

I write this post only because after a really long time i have seen that jingles have returned and in a big way almost every big ad campaign is associated with a jingle to name a few there is Limca withe the gorgeous Sushma Reddy ,The lux jingle with the Bachchans ,close up paas aao jingle and the tune that is tuck in my head Docomo .

I think it could have used better visuals  nonetheless the jingle is incredible and something I think you have already started humming in your head while your reading this.If you haven’t seen the Docomo commercial here is the link click and enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Return of the Jingle

  1. Jingles have made a come back, but “pop” music seems to be taking away from it all. Apparently, there’s a lot of money to be made in featuring a renowned pop star over a traditional jingle (which happens to be far more effective).

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