Shrink out of hell

Doctor please help!

These few words can create a storm in your head ,take you down memory lane and remind you of all the trauma you suffered the last time you were in a hospital with your loved ones laying helplessly on the stretcher waiting for help…
Help I need a doctor
one of the meanings of the word
Doctor :
One duly licensed to practice medicine; a member of the medical profession; a physician.
This simply means somebody who definitely spend more time on books and in the lab and certified to treat people of their ailments.Unfortunately speaking i have to say that today  there are a handful who are still honest in the profession, those handful are very rare .
Today when I hear stories of people being fleeced in hospitals especially in India where more than half of the population is middle class and cannot afford a bypass or a kidney transplant .the doctors make matters even worse

There is a story of a friend who went a very famous hospital with a family member who had a heart attack , once in the hospital the respective doctors were summoned .The doctors took the patient into the emergency room and returned saying Bypass must be performed immediately and 3 and half lakhs be deposited right away for the operation .

Phone calls started going across ,friends relatives all were called and asked if they could contribute towards such a hefty sum …while the naive relatives and friends were running haywire , The doctors who checked the patient knew that he was dead when he arrived at the hospital . This money was just to fill their pockets and not to help anybody .

I know you are devastated after going through this, so was i when i got to know of this incident .I hold no respect for people who make their living out of other peoples death .It’s a sad sad situation and is only getting worse.

So stop being taken for aride next time a doctor tells you do things or asks you to get unnecssary reports qusetion him get to the bottom of the situation and do not fear and blindly believe what a SHRINK tells you.


3 thoughts on “Shrink out of hell

  1. Its natural that we expect docs to be honest but learning medicine does not make them a saint. Tell me wouldnt you want to judge a police officer (responsible for our well being in a way)on the same scale of judgement as you do it for the doctors. It just seems to me a little biased;a doctor is a human after all.

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