2012 Kya bore hai yaar


I entered the theatre with great enthusiasm for watching2012 ….the stage was set ,the national anthem had swiftly passed us by and there I was anticipating a blast of a film .

the movie starts off well not only because it starts of in India but the groundwork of the whole calamity is laid down from the beginning of the film.No time is wasted in song and dance and making merry  ,then there is John Cusack who is a absolute natural actor plays his parts with finesse .

The story revolves around the whole world and John’s broken family because of his obsession for writing . Woody Harrelson packs a punch with his role of a eccentric ,mad hat RJ who is doing updates hidden in a national park about the wrath of nature that will soon be unleashed on the unsuspecting citizens.

Chiwetel Ejiofor on the other end is a scientist working with the government who is the good samaritan of the film who is trying his best at saving the world from this chaos although he knows all his effort s are in vain as it is too late to save the planet from certain disaster.

Then hell breaks loose everything starts falling apart like a pack of cards  blown away by natures breath . John manages to save his family through all of this and then it just doesnt stop the breaking and falling and the fireballs from the sky keep coming there are moments of emotional waste in the film which seemed as if they were being used only to elongate the painful process of “THE END”.

The visual efx are something that is worth every penny spent, although the film as such holds nothing to keep you glued to your seat or keep u from falling asleep . sometimes I feel the American Government could be funding such films which show that american citizens are the bravest,The American president is the most honest , the American army is the toughest,and watching such films does convince you that America is a super power.

So the final verdict ? Watch it if you love watching films









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