Rickshwallah syndrome

bajaj CNG rickshaw china made_844

Hello Mumbaites!
we all are familiar with this person and the machine .this one man with his machine in his absence can cripple mumbai city, at the same time show you how well the mumbai traffic scene would be without them.They go by all names rickshaw walla being the most sober one it also gets pretty nasty with names like Khatmal (Bed bug), Cockroach..Why you would ask ?

Rickshaw wallas actually keep the city on the move you would know what i mean if you go to Delhi and do not have a car or a two wheeler …ur simply stuck with the call a cab service but this is Mumbai my friend ,here we are proud of having a decent enough transport system in place ..What these rickshaw wallas do not understand is that even though they are admired for the work they do ,they are equally hated for the way they do it .there is absolutely no respect for the traffic rules , they are small enough to go anywhere and they literally believe in that, so if the need arises a rickshawalla can dodge out of tight space meant for a bicycle .

If there is a survey on most hated people on the streets in mumbai im sure the rickshawalla will take the cake . the funny part is that when a rickshaw walla does not have a passenger on board he will ride like he is going to miss his flight, but when a passenger is on board he will ride like its a cool sunday afternoon ,wait at every signal , take all the right turns , Never break a rule…

the rickshaw walla does this for his  bread and butter will probably make a fewmore rupees by taking the passenger for a spin

But how about us? do we do this in our lives ! take people for a spin for our own benefits????

we blame the rickshaw wallah  for all the bad he does on the streets it also gets violent sometimes where the poor chap can get beaten up . But do we ever look at ourselves in todays age …the poor rickshaw walla is in a hurry to get to places that is why he will break a rule , what about us dont we  break rules to get  to places …Next time you go ahead and abuse a rick walla be careful somewhere you couldbe abusing  yourself….


2 thoughts on “Rickshwallah syndrome

  1. Objection Sustained…the analogy well might be halfbaked but it makes sense albeit no mercy for the richshawallahs…taking the traffic rules for granted is as serious offense as robbery or fraud(read Madhu Koda).

  2. But i totally agree to the point that I really miss our rickshawwallah’s in delhi. there the transportation charges will suck your blood..but to have rickshas in mumbai is blessing in disguise.

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