Birds of a feather seldom flock together

Hi !

Good to be writing …sorry missed out for a few days,anyways time for the story of the day (Drum roll)

As the title suggests consider all the people in our country to be birds of a feather ..I know your next question will be there are Hindus , Muslims,  Parsis, Christians, Sikhs ..well i understand your argument but if in need the nation comes calling for help we certainly will be there irrespective of cast creed or social standing ..I hoping Im right 😉 , so Im guessin i have convinced you .

Now your next question is why seldom flock together

Well this is relating to the recent Hindi Marathi Fiasco in Vidhan sabha .The basic idea of people believing in leaders or politicians is Vision. vision of the nations progress in terms of economy , education , infrastructure etc.These Netas are the birds on whose shoulders the future of our country rests and we choose them because we believe that they will solve our problems and together they will give us a real “India Shining”

Right now looking at the curent scenario it is very frustrating to see these so called leaders who are chosen into power by us not believing in each other . Being chosen into power by the people of the country these leaders should be should be working together like clockwork to ensure that India is a force to reckon with , as they have the power to make the right and wrong decisions yet here we are stuck on Hindi Marathi issues …instead of  taking decisions ,they are trying to split the country burning its spirit of diversity to ashes …

Well I hope that these neta’s , babu’s get their act together and focus on real peoples problems like the railways, cleanliness, transport , traffic the list is long and therefore  our boys to men can hopefully start somewhere …and bring India together not Split it Wide Open….




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