Traveller’s Dilemma


Oh my God Im back again brothers sisters everybody sing….

Ok got it u ‘ve probably never heard this song by the back street  boys but i confess to not only hearing it but also dancing to it at local christian fairs and competitions with ma friends and winning some serious recognition where I lived ..those were the days of fun Music and dance …today its all about the money …well you do not agree ..lemme see

See first of all work pressure ,the pressure to support family ,the pressure to get  a house ,the pressure to be married and have kids , the pressure to get them kids up and running, the pressure to make sure that they are married , My god the pressure so thick ..that i cannot see beyond it, its like the great wall of china never ending , u would wonder why am i sounding like a complete wreck Under pressure .

It is because i need a break a holiday that would take me far away from all of this ,where i can be quite and at peace with what i have and where i am, not someone always sitting on my head tellin me wat is right wat is wrong . That is the most frutrating thing when you have people doin all sorts of things for their pleasure and the most innocent thing you do will tick them off ..Is that being grown up …I would certainly think not …My dilemma is that my travel needs me to take chutti ..I do not want chutti for 3 days to goa its not the kind of break m talkin about i would like a 15 day holiday in the mountains …

But as the pressure comes right back like a bolt from hell, pressure to keep a job ,pressure to perform well ,pressure to stand by your team when its not feelin or being at the top …these are some of the reasons why i just cant leave and say i will be gone till november …

But Im hopin befor the end of this year i will take a break and take a walk in the beautiful mountains…breath eat and sleep like a normal human being meant to relish the gifts of nature …and be back again to tackle one of humanities biggest misfortunes Pressure




One thought on “Traveller’s Dilemma

  1. Kirthi, the way u r looking at things right now is not so complicated..its very simple. All u need to do is just take out time for urself n go travelling..dont think much..and by the way everyone here is dealing with pressure..frankly speaking to ve a job n taking care of our family is responsibility n not pressure..nobody can force u for marriage..dont do it if u dont ve to..DOnt be in that space where u ve the choice of leaving..
    but please do take a break n go to the mountains..i m sure u will come back with positive thinking..n nothing will seems like pressure : )


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