Oh Phish!


as the title suggests ,I’ve been pondering over this issue for quite a bit -let me remind you Im only one blog old and already suffer from writers block ..Anyways I have been thinkin of writing about Movies ,Music things Im really passionate about and absolutely connect with.

So today i have decided to write about a band called Phish. I have uploaded videos so u can check them out here ..

Phish …This band whenever i listen to them they leave me confused if its the same guys coming together and making music,wht I mean to say is that they have a mind blowingly different sound on each of their albums which is either a due to their musical prowess or lack of understanding of the fact that they themselves do not know what genre of music they want to do


Well as “humanas ” we are so used to giving everything around us a form, a shape ,a perfect ending, a perfect beginning ,therefore i am forced to ask this question about the genre of Phish’s music …They play everything from country bluegrass music, jazz,blues,pop,alternative rock ,psychedelica… phew! i guess that is good enough to challenge your musical knowledge.so go ahead and give a listen, u never know i might have added you to a list of countless Phish fans across the world


i am gonna leave you here with this blog and a little bit of Phish music ..hope this will help u get your hands on some really good music floating in the universe …




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