Well finally I have a blog woohoo! feels fine baby i feel rich and famous already (smile) anyways as the title suggests Stuck is a word commonly used in the city for eg:stuck in traffic ,stuck with girlfriend ,stuck with the same old job etc etc its ok if YOU are stuck somewhere here and in between. My point is that i have felt stuck in my life in quite a few places but I have gotta tell you being stuck at the top of a mountain at a height of 4510 ft.above sea level in the dark means REALLY BEING STUCK .a story of few friends, novices at trekking out to have a good time in the rains on a weekend turned into a scary confrontation with MUMMY nature phew! we had no idea where we were our dear friend abbey was leading us so we happily followed him like a dumb herd of the dumbest cows and we ended up in a soup actually a cave atop Harishchandragadh (known to be the second highest hill fort in the sahyadris) all of us tired we had walked for about 6 hours to get up there and frankly speaking it was so not worth it cuz we couldnt see a thing as it was dark . when we woke up in the morning after laying asleep on hard rock for about 8 hours thinking of going down again was giving me the jeepers creepers but anyways like all brave boys and girls do we also set out on our downhill adventure no one got hurt and im seriously thankful for that .we all got back home tired a little dissappointed and absolutely relieved that we werent STUCK anymore …


One thought on “Stuck

  1. Ok….first things first….glad that you have a blog….will know whats going on in your mind for a change since high school (hehe).Now as for your post …aint that a typical beginner trekkers complain….I hope you didnt expect a resort on that peak….thats what trekking is about….experiencing “MUMMY” nature first hand….adventure bro…I would definitely love getting STUCK at 4510ft.

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